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Panda Paddle

A world-class paddleboard race with a world-changing cause: keep nature in balance for people and wildlife

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Bonita Cove, San Diego

October 20, 2018

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What is Panda Paddle?

Panda Paddle blends a world-class stand-up paddleboard (SUP) competition with a world-changing cause—protecting the natural world and all it gives us. Join our movement to race in nature, for nature, and take a stand by fundraising for the waters, creatures, and places that you love.

Whether you’re a pro paddler or a beginner on the board, Panda Paddle is for you. At this pioneering SUP event, you’ll experience fresh waters, blue skies, and coastline—but you’ll also get so much more. You’ll reawaken your sense of connectedness to all living things and discover your own power to protect and preserve them. Plus, you’ll enjoy music, connection, and camaraderie while doing it!

Enjoying the sun in San Diego
Nate Dappen / Day’s Edge / WWF-US
WWF Supporter Paddling
Nate Dappen / Day’s Edge / WWF-US


What is panda paddle?

Panda Paddle is World Wildlife Fund’s stand-up paddleboard (SUP) competition where participants fundraise for WWF’s global conservation efforts.

What's the difference between a personal page and a team page?

A personal fundraising page is generated for you during registration. You will use this page to fundraise for WWF to reach your $500 fundraising minimum.

If you are participating in the 5K relay event, there will be one team fundraising page and each individual participant will have their own personal fundraising page. All members of the team will share the team’s fundraising goal. Donors can contribute to a personal page, team page, or both!

What should I wear?

We recommend paddling in anything you’d be comfortable running in; i.e. shorts, leggings, swim trunks, hat, etc.

I just finished my page, now what?

After you finish creating your Panda Paddle page, share it! Go to your Panda Paddle Center and send a message to your family members and friends inviting them to visit your page, learn about the conservation causes you believe in, leave comments on your social commenting wall, and make donations to WWF.

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