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Team's Fundraising Goal: $500.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$304 Raised

Brett and Chief have developed the Koala Defenders team, and on March 28, 2020, we're participating in the DC Rock 'N' Roll 5K fundraiser.  We are looking to raise funds for the many animals effected by the Austrailian Brush Fires, and to raise awareness for the overall conservation and rebuilding of their habitats.  Please help us meet our goal!  If we all do a small part, it will make a HUGE difference for these amazing animals!

Help Support Australian Brush Fire Animals!

The Austrailian brush fires have been extremely devistating to the triving survival of so many animals in Austrailia.  Over 15 million acres of land and habitat has been burned, and an estimated 1 Billion animals have been lost.  Some of these animals are unique only to Austrailia, and many of these animals have seen their species reduced to endangered levels.  

The goal of the Koala Defenders is to raise money to help support efforts on the ground in Austrailia.  These efforts include medical care, food, and rebuilding habitats for Koalas an other amazing animals that have been effected, and who are fighting for survival.


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