What is a WWF Paperless Monthly Membership?

A Paperless Membership is a membership that requires a monthly donation. WWF bills your contribution to your credit card or debits it from your bank account each month. Only monthly donors can be paperless members.

How does monthly giving make a difference?

As a monthly donor, you provide a steady stream of income for WWF’s global conservation work. As a current Paperless Member, you will NOT receive any paper mail from us (except in the situations described below), cutting the costs of paper, postage and other resources.

How will my monthly donations be used?

Members’ donations support World Wildlife Fund’s mission to protect the future of nature. Our global projects feature innovative conservation approaches at every level to protect species and preserve their habitats. We are committed to building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature.

I won’t receive ANY mail from WWF?

Once your Paperless Membership goes into effect (usually between 6-8 weeks after you join), you will not receive any paper mail from WWF so long as you continue to be an active WWF monthly donor and unless required by law or at your request.

Can I change my donation amount?

Yes, you can go online anytime to our secure web site and increase or decrease your monthly donation amount.

Can I cancel my monthly donation?

Yes, you can call WWF at 1-800-960-0993 or go online at wwf.worldwildlife.org/ManageGift to cancel.

I am a current monthly giver - can I switch to the Paperless Monthly Membership?

Yes, if you are a current monthly giver and want to switch to our Paperless Monthly Membership program, please contact our donor support team by calling 1-800-960-0993 or by e-mailing us at membership@wwfus.org and we would be happy to make the changes to your account.

What about donation receipts?

Unless required by law or at your request, you will not receive ANY paper mail from WWF, so long as your Paperless Membership is active. Save your monthly bank or credit card statements for your records.