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October 30 - November 1, 2015

This Halloween, dress up in your fiercest animal costume and roar into action by raising funds to protect endangered species and their homes.

Dress all chill like a polar bear, kick it like a kangaroo, or party like a pack of wild hyenas! Sign up to participate today, and get all kinds of fundraising tips and costume advice to make your Halloween a wild success.

You can decide if you want to raise funds on your own or challenge your friends and family to join you in making a difference.

Top Wear It Wild Fundraisers

Make this the wildest
halloween ever

Just pledge to dress up in your fiercest animal costume, print, or accessory between October 30 and November 1, and then roar into action by raising funds to protect endangered species and their homes.

Or even better, get a whole Wear It Wild pack going by joining together with your friends, family, students, college classmates, or coworkers for a team fundraiser.

Why your fundraising is so important

Over the last 40 years a lot has happened to our precious planet. Here are some shocking statistics from our 2014 Living Planet Report.
Down by 52% population sizes of vertebrate species
Down by 39% populations of land-based and marine species
Down by 76% freshwater species
1.5 Earths are needed to regenerate the natural resources we currently use

Fundraising event ideas

Ready to Wear It Wild but not sure how to raise funds? Here are some ideas for fun activities you can try to take your fundraising to the next level!

Fun run or sponsored walk

What could be more fun than watching a pack of people jog or walk past you in your local park dressed as wolves, tigers, jaguars, or three-toed sloths? Putting on your panda costume and joining them!

Be a party animal
Find a local venue and invite family, friends, and colleagues to join you for an animal-themed Halloween party that’s sure to be really wild. Or how about putting on your best attire and hosting an animal masked ball that’s perfect for preening peacocks?
Dinner is served
Invite guests over for a dinner party at your watering (and feeding) hole. Choose the cuisine of a country and ask people to dress up as that nation’s native animals.
Bake sale
Combine dressing up as wild animals with this fundraising favorite. Show off your baking prowess and decorate some tasty treats such as panda cookies or tiger-striped cupcakes.
Costume contest
We’re sure plenty of people in your office love dressing up and enjoy a bit of competition. This makes Wear It Wild perfect for a costume contest. Ask people to vote by making a donation toward their favorite costume. The costume that collects the most "vote money" wins! Also try to get your workplace to donate prizes.
It's trivia time
Whether you hold a trivia event during the work day, at lunch, or after office hours, it’s a great way to raise extra funds. All of your questions could be animal-related, or they could focus on countries where WWF works. You could even hold your event at a bar and order a buffet of treats.
Your Choice-Athon
Hula hooping, disco dancing, playing board games...there are plenty of things that kids (and adults) can do for a really long time to raise money. And if everyone is dressed as a polar bear, black jaguar, iguana, or ostrich, there’s even more chance that the cash will roll in.
Children's Halloween Party
A gathering at a farm with hayrides or a kids' party at home are great ways to add an extra dimension to Wear It Wild and boost your fundraising. Ask friends to help you organize your event and cook up some favorite kid foods with an animal twist to them. Panda pancakes, anyone?
Face-painting event
Turning children and adults into their favorite animals is a great way to make them feel part of Wear It Wild and raise some extra funds. Alternatively, you could ask a professional face painter to join your event.


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Photo credits: Models Packshot/WWF-UK; Cheetah Martin Harvey/WWF; Rhino Cowardine/WWF; Gentoo penguin Natalie Bowes/WWF-Canada.