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To help make your fundraising experience even better, we've assembled these materials just for you! Here, you can find everything from fundraising tips to invitations and information sheets for you to download and distribute to friends and family.

Enjoy and happy fundraising!
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Fundraising Tips

Lead by Example

By donating to your own page, you’re showing people just how passionate you are about helping wildlife and wild places. It's so inspiring that we've seen people who donate to their page on average raise 6x more than those who do not!
Sea turtle

Tell Your Story

Whether you're updating your page, sending an email or sharing your page online - write something personal. People want to know why you support WWF. Your story, in your own words, is more inspiring than anything we could write for you.

Go Offline

We encourage you to continue to send reminder emails to friends and family, but don't keep your fundraising online only. An in person reminder to donate is much more personal and motivating.

Don't Give Up

Have you sent out emails and posted messages on Facebook but haven’t gotten much of a response? Don't get discouraged, send a reminder email. Remember, we all get busy and sometimes we just need a reminder or two! Some people may be waiting until it's closer so they can make the final donation to reach your goal.

Reminder: Send thank you emails and e-cards to friends, family and everyone who has contributed!

Downloadable Tips

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    10 Ways to Raise $500 (.pdf)

    Check out these 10 tips that can help you meet or exceed your fundraising goal! We know you can achieve any goal if you put your mind to it.

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    Find Your Motivation (.pdf)

    What is driving your fundraising efforts? This list will give you ideas for special occasions to celebrate, people who can inspire your fundraising and events that you can host.


We've created some fun invitations for you to print, fill out and pass along to friends and family. Or, you can download these images and use an image editor to add the event information and send to your email contacts.

Panda Nation Social Cover Photos

Download a Panda Nation cover photo for Facebook or Twitter! To download, simply click your desired photo type underneath the species. When the new photo pops up, choose to save the image to your phone, computer or tablet and then upload to your Facebook or Twitter page.

WWF Printouts

To help you in your fundraising efforts, we have created a few one-pagers about WWF and our conservation goals. The overview is the best place to start, especially if you are just introducing your friends and family to the organization. The additional one-pagers highlight specific WWF priorities and current initiatives.