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Whatever you’ve got going on in your wild life, you can start your own Panda Nation fundraiser to celebrate it. Or you can invite your friends, family, and community to join you in a fundraising campaign. Whether it’s a school event like an animal awareness day or a penny war, or other fun activities like a car wash, lemonade sale, or summer BBQ, with the funds raised through your Panda Nation campaign you’ll be protecting threatened species and wild places around the world.

Create a fundraising page for yourself or for your team today. It’s simple to get started, and we’ll give you all the support and tools you’ll need to make your fundraiser a success.

Impact of "Create Your Own" Fundraisers


Top Fundraisers 2017

  1 -  Kevin Hu ($661.00)
  2 -  Samantha Adessky ($445.00)
  3 -  Taylor Andrews ($360.00)
  4 -  Dominique Schleif ($308.00)
  5 -  Jennifer Allen ($275.00)
  6 -  Rachael Byron ($240.00)
  7 -  Samson Dreamer ($225.00)
  8 -  Logan Bentley ($210.00)
  9 -  Hannah Pearl ($200.00)
  10 -  Soren And Ellis Tobin ($180.00)
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  1 -  Queen's Commies love WWF!!!!! ($445.00)
  2 -  Gray Wolves ($400.00)
  3 -  Beauties and Beasts ($136.00)
  4 -  Team Salvis ($50.00)
  5 -  Conserving Terra ($40.00)
  6 -  THE AMAZING ANIMAL SAVERS!!!!!!!! ($25.00)
  7 -  Fast and Furious Foxes ($20.00)
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Fundraiser ideas

  • Hold a kids’ art sale. Have students or your children produce great works of art depicting favorite wild animals or scenes from nature and display them in an art show. Parents and friends can buy the artwork via a donation to Panda Nation.
  • Sponsor a Pennies for Panda Nation drive and ask students to collect coins and change found in their homes to support wildlife and conservation.
  • Host a bake sale or lemonade stand and donate your proceeds to Panda Nation to help WWF protect wildlife and their habitats around the world.
  • Have a themed “decade party” for you and your friends. Relive the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s with era-appropriate costumes and music! Ask for a door fee of $30 per person—but spend no more than $10 per person on the refreshments. You’ll have $20 per person or more to donate to Panda Nation and protect the planet.
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