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Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue "State of Information" Reports

The Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue was created in 2004 with the goal of developing measurable, performance-based standards that minimize or eliminate seven key environmental and social impacts of salmon farming. To gain a better understanding of how to address the impacts, the dialogue Steering Committee created geographically diverse and balanced technical working groups to research each impact in more detail. Members of the dialogue were actively involved in choosing experts and developing a scope of work for each group. Drafts of each report were reviewed and agreed to by the members of the Steering Committee. Each report was also presented at a full Salmon Dialogue meeting, either in draft or final form. If presented in draft form, feedback from the meeting was incorporated into the final document.Click here for a complete list of technical working group members.

Each technical working group is responsible for producing a "State of Information Report" that reviews the status of existing research related to the impact, identifies gaps or areas of disagreement in the research, and suggests a process for addressing the gaps. Links to the reports are provided below.

Disease report
Sea lice report
Benthic impacts report
Escapes report
Feed report
Nutrient loading/carrying capacity report: English/Spanish
Chemical inputs report: English/Spanish
Social report: English/Spanish