Discover two ways that birthdays can help protect wildlife and nature. Make Birthdays Even More Special
Make birthdays even more special
Birthdays are very special days. They are a time for celebrating with family and friends—and making wishes for the future.

This year, you can help protect the future of wildlife and nature and turn those wishes into a reality. Here are a couple of ways to make an impact:
Birthday Cake
Celebrate your birthday
Fundraise for WWF, and instead of presents, ask family and friends to donate in support of your passion for wildlife and nature. You'll get a special fundraising page where you can add your story and photos and keep track of donations made in your honor.
Tiger birthday ecard
Celebrate a loved one's birthday
Make a donation of any amount to support WWF's conservation work, and send a special birthday ecard to announce your gift! Your loved one will be delighted to know that your donation helps protect nature.
Your generous support helps us continue our vital efforts to protect wildlife, wild places, and communities around the world.
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wild lokai bracelet
Wild Lokai Bracelet
Through July 28, lokai is supporting WWF with a limited-edition 'wild bracelet'. All lokai bracelets feature a white bead with water from Mount Everest and a black bead with mud from the Dead Sea. Lokai will donate $1 to WWF for each bracelet sold.
Photo credit: Elephant calf © Martin Harvey/WWF; Tiger © Staffan Widstrand/WWF; Lokai bracelet © livelokai
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