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As the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts get ready to face off in this year’s match up, analysts and sports enthusiasts alike are hard at work predicting who the victor will be. But instead of looking at the teams based on their offensive firepower or defensive might, how would this match up turn out in the wild? Put up against each other head-to-head, who would win in a battle, a bear or a colt?

Who do YOU think would win? While speed, endurance and sheer numbers goes to the colts, power, strength and agility remains with the bears...

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Horses in Mongolia

Who Will Win?

Brown bear in Romania

WWF's Pick
Who does WWF think would win the battle? "Bears would likely win any encounter in the wild, but that's only if they could catch the colts," said WWF's president and CEO Carter Roberts. "And there's always a chance that a bear wouldn't come out of hibernation, which would cause them to forfeit any match."

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