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Save Africa’s Elephants: Help Ban Thailand’s Ivory Trade

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Join a million-strong petition to urge Thailand to ban their ivory trade.

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Dear Activist,

Every day across Africa, wild elephants are being slaughtered to meet the insatiable demand for ivory. Entire herds are being poached out of existence to supply the demand for ivory carvings and trinkets in Asia.

The scale of illicit activity is staggering, especially in places like Thailand. Poachers and organized crime syndicates there are making millions of dollars a year, turning this southeast Asian nation into the largest unregulated ivory market in the world.

Take Action: Tell Thailand to get tough on wildlife crime and ban their ivory trade.

Although it is against the law to sell ivory from African elephants in Thailand, ivory from Thailand’s domestic elephants can be sold legally. As a result, massive quantities of illegal African ivory are being laundered through Thai shops.

Take Action Today: Tell Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to close this loophole by banning all trade of Thai ivory.

This March, representatives from 176 governments will meet in Bangkok to discuss global wildlife trade issues, including the elephant poaching crisis. While the eyes of the world are turned to Thailand, we want to present 1 million signatures to Prime Minister Shinawatra, asking her to do the right thing.

We need your help! Please speak up for elephants -- write to Prime Minister Shinawatra today!


Ginette Hemley

Ginette Hemley
Senior Vice President
Conservation Strategy and Science
World Wildlife Fund

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