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Protect the Arctic from Ocean Noise Pollution

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Most marine animals depend on sound to communicate, find food, find a mate and avoid predators.


Protect the Arctic
from Ocean Noise Pollution

Dear Activist,

The oil industry is gearing up to unleash a modern-day armada to drill in America’s Arctic Ocean. And it will be a noisy job.

In fact, the noise generated by oil and gas exploration results in some of the loudest sounds that can be produced underwater by man. Sounds so loud that belugas, endangered bowhead whales and other wildlife have trouble feeding and breeding.

There is so much noise it's like having a bucket over your head.

Take Action: Tell the federal government that it cannot allow critical Arctic species to be harmed by this extreme ocean noise.

Right now, the federal government is considering four proposals on how to address noise pollution in the Arctic Ocean. WWF's scientists believe that none of the proposals sufficiently protect marine life from those damaging sounds.

The Arctic's wildlife already is facing threats associated with climate change. Adding a new threat to the mix would be disastrous.

Be the voice for Arctic marine life. Tell the government to reject the current proposals to address noise pollution in the Arctic ocean. They need to go back to the drawing board to find another solution.

Thank you for everything you do to support conservation.


Layla Hughes

Layla Hughes
Senior Program Officer for Arctic Oil and Gas Policy
World Wildlife Fund

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