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Big as all outdoors: the world's 8 largest mammals

Nearly 5,500 species exist on the planet. WWF Travel takes you to see some of the biggest.
African Elephant
Largest land mammal: African elephant

A keystone African species, elephants make a big impact on the habitats they occupy.

See them in Namibia
Largest primate: Gorilla

The largest wild adult male recorded weighed 510 pounds and stood 5 feet 11 inches.

See them in Uganda
Largest big cat: Tiger

Not only are tigers the biggest of all felines,
they are also the most threatened.

See them in India
Polar bear
Largest land carnivore: Polar bear

Monitoring polar bears allows researchers to evaluate the overall health of Arctic species.

See them in Canada
Blue Whale
Largest cetacean: Blue whale

The biggest animal ever to live on Earth, this giant can grow to more than 100 feet.

See them in Sri Lanka
Largest rodent: Capybara

Despite being picky herbivores, capybaras manage to devour 8 pounds of grass a day.

See them in Brazil
Largest odd-toed ungulate: Rhinoceros

Averaging nearly 8,000 pounds, rhinos have small brains for mammals their size.

See them in Tanzania
Largest even-toed ungulate: Hippo

The closest living relatives to hippos are not pigs, as often thought, but whales.

See them in Botswana
A portion of your tour cost (between 5% and 10%) for the WWF Travel Program is directly contributed
to WWF's general fund to support conservation work around the world.
NHA logo Even more mammals

Natural Habitat Adventures provides WWF members with even more opportunities to see the planet's biggest species, including bears in Alaska, elephant seals in Antarctica and gray whales in Baja California. Discover more.
Between $24 and $160 of the retail tour price per traveler for Natural Habitat Adventure tours is received by WWF
for a minimum annual amount of $140,000 and a maximum annual amount of $200,000.
WWF Travel Blog
Images of the Amazon

Check out the seemingly otherworldly species our Amazon expedition leader and expert photographer, Angel Cardenas, captured during a recent trip along the mighty river in Peru.
Amazon caterpillar
Amazon caterpillar Angel Cardenas
Life Grows On Photo Contest Enter your photos of wildlife, wild places and people connecting with nature in our photo contest by June 17 for a chance to win one of three grand-prize trips! Sponsored by CVS pharmacy/Photo; trips provided by Natural Habitat Adventures.
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Header photo, Kenyan zebras Erico Hiller

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